The Dyslexic Dictionary
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The Dyslexic Dictionary

Arion Press
1802 Hays StreetSan FranciscoCA 94129
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The Dyslexic Dictionary illuminates the dyslexic experience of language in powerfully graphical terms. Artists, writers and designers across the Bay Area and around the globe have been commissioned to reimagine a book, word, poem, quote, article or even a single letter through the lens of their dyslexia. The result is a diverse collection of mediums and backgrounds that speaks to the paradigm shift in the way society views learning differences. More than just an exhibition, The Dyslexic Dictionary is a forum to showcase dyslexic talent, spark public conversation and gather community. This project has been conceived in partnership with its executive producer Gil Gershoni, founder and creative director of Gershoni Creative and Dyslexic Design Thinking.

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