Remedy in Rituals
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Remedy in Rituals

Soft Times Gallery
905 Sutter StreetSan FranciscoCA 94109
Free Admission
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"Remedy in Rituals," is a duo exhibition featuring the work of Haley Summerfield and Joshua Oceguera. The two artists’ works complement each other visually, as well as thematically, wherein the exploration and representation of vessels allude to ideas of remedy in the face of hardship, uncertainty, or ailment. Joshua Oceguera routinely employs the imagery of vessels, containers, and jars in his paintings to represent the repurposing of objects and making things work, especially through necessity beyond means. Much of Oceguera’s inspiration is drawn from observing his own grandparents, and the ways that they would engineer new solutions out of their existing possessions. From a Coca-Cola bottle with a plant in it, to the big jugs of tchotchkes that would never be thrown out because they had some value beyond their original function, Oceguera tells representational stories of resilience, ingenuity, and heart through his paintings. In crossover with themes of coping with life’s hardships and finding positive outcomes, Haley Summerfield’s ceramic vessels represent the therapeutic processing of life, specifically in the context of health. Drawing from familial narratives, queerness, and her intimate experiences with chronic pain caused by autoimmune disease, Summerfield uses those stories to reflect on the tension between her body being both a host for disease and a site for pleasure. Wed–Fri: 12pm-5pm and Sat 11am-4pm

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